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Multi fuel and open fires swept

We are able to sweep all types of fires including multi-fuel burners and open fires. We can use both traditional methods or the modern power sweeping method. Which ever we use we will ensure a clean and tidy job. 


​Chimney pots fitted

Chimney pots are given a visual inspection upon arrival for any problems that may arise.If needed we can replace damaged pots.


​Cowl fitted

Some properties have problems with "smoke back" and may need to have an anti-downdraught cowl fitted, We can give advice and if needed fit these.


Bird guards fitted and bird nest removal

Birds nests can cause blockages in your chimney.We can clear birds nests and also fit bird guards.


Smoke Testing

After every sweep we will smoke test the chimney/flue to ensure it has sufficient updraught.


When do multi fuel and open fires need sweeping?

Smokeless fuels - once a year


Bitumous coal - twice a year


Wood - quarterly when in use


Oil - once a year


Gas - once a year


Chimneys need to be swept on a regular basis to prevent chimney fire and prevent carbon monoxide build up.  If left unswept it could cause a chimney fire leading to expensive repairs and major inconvenience.

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